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Upgrade Your Promotional Products

Promotional products are an effective way to spark loyalty and generate leads, bringing in as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter. Introducing promotional products to the media mix also reinforces existing marketing efforts, increasing the impact of other media by 44% on average.

As more and more companies offer promotional products, consumers are increasingly looking for items that bring them real value. Firms that have the budget should definitely consider opting for highly usable, unique products that their customers will want to keep around.

Provide Customers Convenience with Tech Accessories

Tech-related promotional products blew up in 2017, and we can expect them to continue to grow in popularity this year. Here are a few ideas to begin taking advantage of this opportunity:

  • Flash Drives: The great thing about flash drives is that if people receive more than one, they will collect them rather than throw them away. This product has high usability and will be kept around for a while, two important factors when deciding on a promotional product.
  • Power Banks: Customers will silently thank you when they’re in a pinch and your power bank saves them. These items are also incredibly useful, and at Marketing Mud we offer a credit card-thin power bank with built in micro-USB and iPhone chargers.
  • Device Cleaning Products: Everyone should be cleaning their electronic devices, but many don’t have a specialized product for that purpose. Giving your customers cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth provides them with something they likely don’t have, or will save to use in the future.
  • Universal Travel Adapter: If you’re appealing to the traveling businessman or woman, gifting a universal adapter is the perfect way to show that you understand their needs.  

Stand Out with High Quality Products

If you’re considering buying your clients a water bottle, why not get one that stands out? Try to provide something stylish that your clients will use every day, rather than keep in their cabinet. As vacuum tumblers have become more and more popular, opt for one like our Sequoia 30, which is both trendy with its wood finish and way more usable than a plastic bottle. Offering high quality, unique gifts will increase your brand’s visibility as customers continue to use the product. Adapt the same strategy with pens. Rather than giving a plastic pen that will end up in a drawer, provide one with a stylus that they will use outside of the home, and appreciate more.

Enhance your Company Culture with Employee Gifts

It’s not a secret that gifts make employees feel valued. When you invest in promotional products for your team, you are encouraging their feeling of cohesiveness as they collectively represent your brand. Items such as pens, water bottles or mugs, and notebooks can be used daily, while apparel is also great to call attention to your company culture in the office and at events.

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4 Promotional Products for Building Brand Awareness

Did you know that 85% of people who receive a promotional product end up doing business with the advertiser? Promotional products are a great way to build relationships with customers and potential clients, while building brand awareness.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most effective promotional products.

Mugs are a better advertising method than TV?!

While a mug may have a hard time telling your brand’s story, there are statistics to support that mugs create more brand awareness than television or radio ads. While 57% of people were able to remember the advertising company on a mug, this statistic dropped to 32% for radio spots and 28% for TV.

Get the most bang for your buck with pens

Did you know that promotional pens only cost one tenth of a cent per impression? At least half of consumers own a branded pen, with many owning multiple from different companies.

58% of consumers own a branded shirt

The majority of consumers own a branded shirt. This product is a great way to create a relationship with customers, while also building visibility as they wear your brand. Giving out fun shirts to employees will reinforce your company culture, and prompt them to sport your logo outside of the office.

Generate the most impressions with branded bags

A branded bag creates about 6,000 impressions– more than any other promotional product in the United States! Tied with pens at 10 cents an impression, bags are an extremely effective and inexpensive way to build visibility for your brand. 58% of consumers own a promotional bag, so it’s definitely worth the investment!

Need help finding the best promotional products for your customers? Give Marketing Mud a call at (352) 281-8156 or visit our website to learn more about how you can make a lasting impression!

6 Best Promotional Products for the Beach and Pool

Warm weather is a perfect opportunity to offer your clients promotional products that will build brand awareness. When your clients get outside, so will your logo! Keep reading for some of our favorite promotional products for the beach and poolside.

Beach Towels

Everyone needs a beach towel. Why not give them one with your logo on it? This product is extremely effective in generating impressions, as it provides brand exposure when it’s brought to the beach.

Beach Chairs

If you’d like to show employees or clients that you really appreciate them, get them a beach chair! This product provides real value in its usability, and value to you in the impressions that its usability will create.


Friends love to play frisbee on the beach. By gifting a branded frisbee, you’re giving your client something that will bring them joy– both creating an appreciation for your brand and building visibility.

Beach Bags

Bags generate 6,000 impressions on average – more than any other promotional product! Warm weather is the perfect excuse to gift one to your clients.

Beach Balls

Give the gift of fun in the sun with a branded beach ball! This is an inexpensive way to get involved in warm weather products, and will build visibility on the beach or by the pool.


Show your clients or employees that you care by providing them with protective sunscreen! This product is extremely usable, so recipients will both appreciate and keep it.

Warm weather is a great opportunity to provide clients and employees with branded items that they’re sure to enjoy. Check out these promotional items and more on our Back to the Beach page, or give us a call at (352) 281-8156 to learn more.

Using Promotional Products for Internal Marketing

Free “swag” is the perfect way to remind your team that they work for an awesome company! Sporting the company logo will make your team feel empowered and cohesive, and can lead to increased employee loyalty. When your employees feel a stronger connection to your brand, they will pass that connection on to your customers. It’s a win-win-win!

Swag is for employees too!

Promotional products are a constant and subtle reminder to employees that they are a valued member of your company’s team. Using them effectively can boost morale, reinforcing to employees that their work is impactful and that they are part of a supportive company culture.

It can also be fun to use swag as incentives! For instance, if your team reaches their goal for the month, they could each receive a nice copper company water bottle. Or you could keep a few items around to give to team members as you recognize their good work, and show your appreciation by surprising them!

Make it wearable

Whether your company has a dress code or not, making your swag wearable can be a fun way for employees to embrace your company culture. You can get creative with this one! Add funny one-liners, clever jokes, or creative designs to your shirts. You could even host an office contest and have your employees vote– best tee shirt design gets ordered for everyone!

They deserve it!

Giving employees swag is an excellent way to honor, reward, and engage your team. The next time you’re thinking of ways to capture prospective customers with your promotional items, also think internally and reward the people who have worked hard to keep your customers happy!

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Trends in Swag for Conferences and Events

Promoting your business at a conference or large event is always exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming! Luckily, we’ve been working in the promotional products industry for over a decade now, and can provide you with some easy tips for improving your company’s name recognition!

Cups! Bottles! Mugs

Everybody drinks. Why not let them drink out of something with your logo on it? The most popular item seen this year was the metal insulated water bottle. This is a great option if you are just starting to use promotional products. They are fairly inexpensive and people love their functionality and look!


Another big trend is products relating to tech. The most popular items right now include power banks, earphones/headphones, stylus pens, and the sticky-back card holders for your phone. Everyone is connected to their smartphones, which presents an excellent opportunity to connect with your potential customers. If you want your products to become a part of your customer’s everyday life, then this is definitely something you should consider!

Totally use totes

Research shows that totes generate more impressions than any other promotional item. The trend of reusing bags has also been growing with the green movement. Opting to give out totes is a great way to demonstrate that your company is eco-friendly, while improving its visibility and name recognition!

Are you ready to bring in the “swag”? Give us a call at (352) 275-5955 and let us help make your message STICK!

Grab Attention with These Unique Promotional Items

Looking to stand out from the competition and show potential customers that you’re special? Then it’s time to bring out the swag! There’s a vast array of promotional products available, so it is important to choose items that are purposeful and distinct, and that are the right fit for your specific company. Take a look at the list below for inspiration regarding unique and non-traditional promotional items to help you grab attention!

Phone Chargers: A person can simply never have too many phone chargers – and that makes them a perfect promo product! Chargers are useful, applicable to everyday life and often shared between friends and coworkers.

Playing Cards: Branding “old-school” entertainment items like playing cards is an eye-catching marketing tactic and is especially effective because items like decks of cards always come in handy and are sure to be found in every household.

PopSockets: Fidget spinners having been seeing a lot hype in recent weeks. But as of this month, it’s all about PopSockets. PopSockets are placed on the back of smartphones and serve as both a grip and a stand for phones. This is an item that is trending and useful!

Pill Boxes: Many people own segmented day-of-the-week pill boxes to organize their vitamins and pills. This is an item people certainly look at each day and often carry with them in their bag or purse for use in public. So why not put your company’s name on it?

With thousands of product possibilities available, Marketing Mud has the perfect branded promotional item for you -- no matter what your business specializes in!

Branded Products Promote Your Business

T-shirts and koozies and stress balls, Oh My! These are just a few of the common, promotional items companies can use to increase brand awareness and grab the attention of their target markets. Handing out promotional items at events, conferences, sports games, expos or gatherings of any kind is an effective, eye-catching marketing tactic that helps you stand out from the crowd and results in increased profits and the establishment of new client prospects.

As frequent givers and receivers of targeted promotional merchandise, we can confidently say that these items truly do work! Keep reading to discover why you should consider incorporating promotional items into your company’s marketing strategy. 

  • “Cool comfort-colored tee! Where’d you get it?”

At the end of the day, the purpose of marketing is to draw attention to your product or service and persuade potential customers that business is the right fit for their needs. Branded promo items such as mousepads, earbuds, t-shirts, pens (and so many more!) reach boundaries outside of just the initial receiving audience. By wearing a promotional t-shirt to the gym or using a promotional pen while jotting down notes users are exposing your brand to potentially hundreds of people each day. 

  • “You have to spend money to make money.”

Once your target audience is taking the next step and seeking insight into your product or service because of effective brand exposure, it’s time to earn revenue! This basic business concept of spending money to make money goes hand in hand with the idea that when you give someone something they enjoy (for free!), they will feel a compulsion to reciprocate. In fact, 85% of people report doing business with the provider of promotional products after receiving a promotional item they enjoyed.

  • Advertising over an unlimited amount of time

Unlike Facebook posts, radio spots, or TV ads, promotional products have the benefit of reaching potential customers over an unlimited span of time. Effective branded promotional items are in use for long periods, and are therefore continuously collecting impressions. More impressions at a low cost, sounds ideal to us!

Ready to order your company’s eye-catching promo items? Start your search for the perfect swag!