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How Promotional Products Generate Business for Tutoring Companies

Tutoring is clearly a booming industry in a college town like ours here in Gainesville. Students galore, struggling to balance work, going to class, and partying. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to study too! Students are in desperate need of tutoring, which is why we have seen tutoring companies pop up all over college towns with great vigor over the past few years.

But how do students know which company to go to? Seriously, if they had time to figure that out, they would have time to study on their own. 

So, if you want students to choose your tutoring company, what better way to get your name out there than to put it on some stuff and give it away for free?!

Students LOVE free stuff. With limited funds and expensive needs, students will take all the free stuff they can get. And hey, that saves them money to spend on TUTORING!

Promotional products are a great way to let students know about your tutoring company, and the next time they use the cup, pen, frisbee, or other cool product with your logo on it they will think of you for their tutoring needs! Everyone wins, students get free stuff and you get those students throwing their hard earned savings at you in exchange for help passing their exams.

So what kind of products should you stamp your tutoring logo on and pass out on campus?  

Giving away pens with your logo to students during study sessions is a great  way to spread your company’s name. They will think about your tutoring services as they frantically take notes in class, and even tell their friends about it. Check out this cool pen, it has a stress ball on the end for all those stressful all-nighters! 

These cool highlighters have three colors in one cool little package. They are great for highlighting important points during tutoring sessions, and even better for highlighting notes in the library after a session where everyone else can ask where you got that awesome highlighter!

Maybe something a little less traditional, but that students ALWAYS use? Like customized earbuds?

The possibilities are endless! 

Check out the to see all of the awesome, and memorable, products we can put your logo on! Let us help you make your message stick!