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Upgrade Your Promotional Products

Promotional products are an effective way to spark loyalty and generate leads, bringing in as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter. Introducing promotional products to the media mix also reinforces existing marketing efforts, increasing the impact of other media by 44% on average.

As more and more companies offer promotional products, consumers are increasingly looking for items that bring them real value. Firms that have the budget should definitely consider opting for highly usable, unique products that their customers will want to keep around.

Provide Customers Convenience with Tech Accessories

Tech-related promotional products blew up in 2017, and we can expect them to continue to grow in popularity this year. Here are a few ideas to begin taking advantage of this opportunity:

  • Flash Drives: The great thing about flash drives is that if people receive more than one, they will collect them rather than throw them away. This product has high usability and will be kept around for a while, two important factors when deciding on a promotional product.
  • Power Banks: Customers will silently thank you when they’re in a pinch and your power bank saves them. These items are also incredibly useful, and at Marketing Mud we offer a credit card-thin power bank with built in micro-USB and iPhone chargers.
  • Device Cleaning Products: Everyone should be cleaning their electronic devices, but many don’t have a specialized product for that purpose. Giving your customers cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth provides them with something they likely don’t have, or will save to use in the future.
  • Universal Travel Adapter: If you’re appealing to the traveling businessman or woman, gifting a universal adapter is the perfect way to show that you understand their needs.  

Stand Out with High Quality Products

If you’re considering buying your clients a water bottle, why not get one that stands out? Try to provide something stylish that your clients will use every day, rather than keep in their cabinet. As vacuum tumblers have become more and more popular, opt for one like our Sequoia 30, which is both trendy with its wood finish and way more usable than a plastic bottle. Offering high quality, unique gifts will increase your brand’s visibility as customers continue to use the product. Adapt the same strategy with pens. Rather than giving a plastic pen that will end up in a drawer, provide one with a stylus that they will use outside of the home, and appreciate more.

Enhance your Company Culture with Employee Gifts

It’s not a secret that gifts make employees feel valued. When you invest in promotional products for your team, you are encouraging their feeling of cohesiveness as they collectively represent your brand. Items such as pens, water bottles or mugs, and notebooks can be used daily, while apparel is also great to call attention to your company culture in the office and at events.

Ready to begin providing products that your clients will keep? Give Marketing Mud a call today at (352) 275-5955, or visit our website to get started!