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6 Best Promotional Products for the Beach and Pool

Warm weather is a perfect opportunity to offer your clients promotional products that will build brand awareness. When your clients get outside, so will your logo! Keep reading for some of our favorite promotional products for the beach and poolside.

Beach Towels

Everyone needs a beach towel. Why not give them one with your logo on it? This product is extremely effective in generating impressions, as it provides brand exposure when it’s brought to the beach.

Beach Chairs

If you’d like to show employees or clients that you really appreciate them, get them a beach chair! This product provides real value in its usability, and value to you in the impressions that its usability will create.


Friends love to play frisbee on the beach. By gifting a branded frisbee, you’re giving your client something that will bring them joy– both creating an appreciation for your brand and building visibility.

Beach Bags

Bags generate 6,000 impressions on average – more than any other promotional product! Warm weather is the perfect excuse to gift one to your clients.

Beach Balls

Give the gift of fun in the sun with a branded beach ball! This is an inexpensive way to get involved in warm weather products, and will build visibility on the beach or by the pool.


Show your clients or employees that you care by providing them with protective sunscreen! This product is extremely usable, so recipients will both appreciate and keep it.

Warm weather is a great opportunity to provide clients and employees with branded items that they’re sure to enjoy. Check out these promotional items and more on our Back to the Beach page, or give us a call at (352) 281-8156 to learn more.