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Using Promotional Products for Internal Marketing

Free “swag” is the perfect way to remind your team that they work for an awesome company! Sporting the company logo will make your team feel empowered and cohesive, and can lead to increased employee loyalty. When your employees feel a stronger connection to your brand, they will pass that connection on to your customers. It’s a win-win-win!

Swag is for employees too!

Promotional products are a constant and subtle reminder to employees that they are a valued member of your company’s team. Using them effectively can boost morale, reinforcing to employees that their work is impactful and that they are part of a supportive company culture.

It can also be fun to use swag as incentives! For instance, if your team reaches their goal for the month, they could each receive a nice copper company water bottle. Or you could keep a few items around to give to team members as you recognize their good work, and show your appreciation by surprising them!

Make it wearable

Whether your company has a dress code or not, making your swag wearable can be a fun way for employees to embrace your company culture. You can get creative with this one! Add funny one-liners, clever jokes, or creative designs to your shirts. You could even host an office contest and have your employees vote– best tee shirt design gets ordered for everyone!

They deserve it!

Giving employees swag is an excellent way to honor, reward, and engage your team. The next time you’re thinking of ways to capture prospective customers with your promotional items, also think internally and reward the people who have worked hard to keep your customers happy!

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