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Grab Attention with These Unique Promotional Items

Looking to stand out from the competition and show potential customers that you’re special? Then it’s time to bring out the swag! There’s a vast array of promotional products available, so it is important to choose items that are purposeful and distinct, and that are the right fit for your specific company. Take a look at the list below for inspiration regarding unique and non-traditional promotional items to help you grab attention!

Phone Chargers: A person can simply never have too many phone chargers – and that makes them a perfect promo product! Chargers are useful, applicable to everyday life and often shared between friends and coworkers.

Playing Cards: Branding “old-school” entertainment items like playing cards is an eye-catching marketing tactic and is especially effective because items like decks of cards always come in handy and are sure to be found in every household.

PopSockets: Fidget spinners having been seeing a lot hype in recent weeks. But as of this month, it’s all about PopSockets. PopSockets are placed on the back of smartphones and serve as both a grip and a stand for phones. This is an item that is trending and useful!

Pill Boxes: Many people own segmented day-of-the-week pill boxes to organize their vitamins and pills. This is an item people certainly look at each day and often carry with them in their bag or purse for use in public. So why not put your company’s name on it?

With thousands of product possibilities available, Marketing Mud has the perfect branded promotional item for you -- no matter what your business specializes in!