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Branded Products Promote Your Business

T-shirts and koozies and stress balls, Oh My! These are just a few of the common, promotional items companies can use to increase brand awareness and grab the attention of their target markets. Handing out promotional items at events, conferences, sports games, expos or gatherings of any kind is an effective, eye-catching marketing tactic that helps you stand out from the crowd and results in increased profits and the establishment of new client prospects.

As frequent givers and receivers of targeted promotional merchandise, we can confidently say that these items truly do work! Keep reading to discover why you should consider incorporating promotional items into your company’s marketing strategy. 

  • “Cool comfort-colored tee! Where’d you get it?”

At the end of the day, the purpose of marketing is to draw attention to your product or service and persuade potential customers that business is the right fit for their needs. Branded promo items such as mousepads, earbuds, t-shirts, pens (and so many more!) reach boundaries outside of just the initial receiving audience. By wearing a promotional t-shirt to the gym or using a promotional pen while jotting down notes users are exposing your brand to potentially hundreds of people each day. 

  • “You have to spend money to make money.”

Once your target audience is taking the next step and seeking insight into your product or service because of effective brand exposure, it’s time to earn revenue! This basic business concept of spending money to make money goes hand in hand with the idea that when you give someone something they enjoy (for free!), they will feel a compulsion to reciprocate. In fact, 85% of people report doing business with the provider of promotional products after receiving a promotional item they enjoyed.

  • Advertising over an unlimited amount of time

Unlike Facebook posts, radio spots, or TV ads, promotional products have the benefit of reaching potential customers over an unlimited span of time. Effective branded promotional items are in use for long periods, and are therefore continuously collecting impressions. More impressions at a low cost, sounds ideal to us!

Ready to order your company’s eye-catching promo items? Start your search for the perfect swag!