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Trends in Swag for Conferences and Events

Promoting your business at a conference or large event is always exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming! Luckily, we’ve been working in the promotional products industry for over a decade now, and can provide you with some easy tips for improving your company’s name recognition!

Cups! Bottles! Mugs

Everybody drinks. Why not let them drink out of something with your logo on it? The most popular item seen this year was the metal insulated water bottle. This is a great option if you are just starting to use promotional products. They are fairly inexpensive and people love their functionality and look!


Another big trend is products relating to tech. The most popular items right now include power banks, earphones/headphones, stylus pens, and the sticky-back card holders for your phone. Everyone is connected to their smartphones, which presents an excellent opportunity to connect with your potential customers. If you want your products to become a part of your customer’s everyday life, then this is definitely something you should consider!

Totally use totes

Research shows that totes generate more impressions than any other promotional item. The trend of reusing bags has also been growing with the green movement. Opting to give out totes is a great way to demonstrate that your company is eco-friendly, while improving its visibility and name recognition!

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